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The IFMA Fellows sponsored an IFMA Fellows Student Scholarship award this year at WWP. The award winner is from Zurich, Mr. Paul Schmitter. Paul has a BS and MS in FM from the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to his learning, with specialties that including FM, RE, Business and special emphasis in Artificial Intelligence (AI) - its impact on and applications in FM.

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Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) is a community of IFMA with the mission of stimulating workplace innovation. A WE Hub has been created in Switzerland and will host a its launch event, a one-day conference at IATA Conference Center in Geneva.

Understand what’s happening as the workplace evolves, discover experiences and key success factors from leading opinion leaders (including Lara Paemen, Angelika Gröschl, Chris Hood, Uli Blum, Lukas Windlinger), share knowledge and interact with your peers.

Programme and Registration