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Objectives of the Association

  • Establish and promote the occupational field of facility management as a recognized occupation
  • Improve state of education, career chances and professional behavior of facility managers
  • Create facility management standards and promote a cooperative exchange between members, execute and coordinate investigations and research projects
  • Provide a platform for cooperation with companies, occupational groups, associations, universities and the public
  • Update and convey information about facility management

This code was formally accepted by the IFMA in July 1983. The recognition and observation of this code is a prerequisite for membership in the IFMA!

  • IFMA members should set the development and maintenance of a secure, humane and functional working environment as the most important goal.
  • IFMA members should combine the needs of management with the needs of people at the workplace in order to create a humane and efficient working environment.
  • IFMA members should maintain their technical, professional judgment. They should not compromise this judgment by undertaking any activities, accepting any gifts or having any conflicts of interest that could impair their objective handling.
  • IFMA members should preserve the rights of the employer, the employees and customers and not discriminate anybody because of their race, gender, denomination, age or nationality.
  • IFMA members should continually and actively work on the maintenance and improvement of their professional abilities in the area of facility management.
  • IFMA members should see the IFMA membership solely as a means for professional development, but not for the purpose of increasing sales or for personal gain.